How to fix the freeze or stuck on MBOX
 How to fix the freeze or stuck on MBOX

when you turn on the box,it is with light but tv screen is black or stuck on MBOX/QUAD 4/ANDROID,like above picture,pls try to fix it by reset instruction with patience,this method requires 5-10 attempts 

And then install the our latest APK, 

If you have computer and USB driver, pls follow these steps :
Step 1: Pls open Google from computer,enter link ,click Enter on keyboard ,the image will appear to download.
Step 2: Pls move the downloaded apk to your USB driver, then connect the USB driver with IPTV box .
Step 3: Pls open IPTV  box,go to Extra-Filebrowser-USB driver-greatbee 514.apk-install ,then you will install  the program version 1.7 into the box success.

If you don't have USB driver , pls download the apk to IPTV box directly.
Step 1:Pls open box,and go to Extra-Google,enter link ,download to the box.
Step 2:Pls go to Extra-Filebrowser-Download, find the apk you downloaded just now.
Step 3:Pls click the IPTV1.7 APK to install 

Any further question, please contact with us on the line.
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