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Wireless CarPlay Adapter Dongle USB For Apple iOS 10+ Car Auto Navigation Player

Wireless CarPlay Adapter/Easy to Use/Compatibility with over 600 Car Models/Fully Automated Driving Experience
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Wireless CarPlay Adapter/Easy to Use/Compatibility with over 600 Car Models/Fully Automated Driving Experience

Notes: This Carply adpater only compatible with cars that have wired CarPlay

【Wireless CarPlay Adapter】Tired of dealing with tangled wires while driving? With the apple CarPlay wireless adapter, you can convert your existing wired CarPlay system to wireless without any hassle. Enjoy all the features of CarPlay such as navigation, music playback, Siri, and phone calls, without the need for wired connections. Please note that this dongle is only compatible with Apple CarPlay and not with any other system

【Easy to Use】The wireless carplay adapter has a simple plug and play design that is easy for all motorists to use. There's no need for extra drivers, apps, or complicated system upgrades. After the initial setup, the CarPlay wireless adapter will automatically activate the CarPlay wireless connection each time the car starts, ensuring that you have a seamless experience every time

【Compatibility with over 600 car Models】Looking for a apple Carplay wireless adapter that can work with multiple car models?
The wireless carplay adapter is compatible with more than 600 car models.Please note that your car must have a factor wired CarPlay system for the adapter to work.You can use our products to upgrade your carplay to wireless for easy use

【Fully Automated Driving Experience】
Once you've installed the apple carplay wireless adapter,you'll enjoy a fully automated driving experience.The wireless carplay adapter automatically connects to your iPhone as soon as the car engine starts.
The builtin 5Ghz WIFI module will quickly identify your phone and establish a wireless CarPlay connection.This CarPlay wireless adapter also supports voice control,steering wheel,touch screen,and knob operation.

Package Includes:
Wireless CarPlay Adapter
USB A to USB-C Adapter


Q1: Can't find the dongle's Blue-tooth WiFi? 
A1: Please make sure Dongle is powered on and the blue light is on. If only a specific iPhone can't find Blue-tooth or WiFi for the dongle, try resetting the network and Blue-tooth settings of this iPhone, and then restart the phone

Q2: Can the adapter be paired with multiple phones?
A2: The carplay wireless adapter can be paired with multiple Phones, but only one device can be connected at a time. if you want to pair it with a new iPhone, please disconnected the old one first

Q3: Can't reconnect automatically?
A3: Pls choose "Auto-connect" in the CarPlay setting.  

Q4: When the mobile phone plays a video, the audio and video are out of sync?
A4: It is normal. Even with the original CarPlay of car, there wil be audio delays when watching videos. Because video transcoding is more complex than audio and takes longer to process

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